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Introduction to Machine Learning

CPD only

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28 May - 1 June 2018

Over the last few years the field of machine learning has become very active mainly because of two major innovations, namely the invention of deep learning algorithms and the development of echosystems which made users able to program parallel computational platforms with greater ease. Currently people are trying to use machine learning in a range of uses starting from space data analysis to farming. One example is shown here: “How a Japanese cucumber farmer is using deep learning and TensorFlow” https://tinyurl.com/zh9f268.

New startups are venturing into interesting uses of machine learning and established industries are investigating how they can benefit as well. This short course is intended to expose the audience to the basics of machine learning and to get them started with using some of the powerful tools available.

The course is suitable for working engineers and software developers interested in the emerging field of machine learning and to gain some hands on using opensource toolboxes.

Salient Features:

– More than 50% of the contact hours shall be spent in lab-work

– Use of real-life data, e.g. Radar, RFI, SETI or Stock-exchange data

– Limited seats: please confirm your participation as soon as possible