Past Research


Below you will find a list of all the PhD theses, MSc dissertations and MEng (specialising in radar and electronic defence) dissertations written by students in the Radar Remote Sensing Group (website) and as part of the Radar Masters Programme.

Many of the more recent documents (only since 2010) are available via the University of Cape Town’s Open Access collection, which you can access here: OpenUCT.


PhD Theses

Clicking on the title of the thesis will take you to the abstract of the thesis. From there you can also download a PDF of the document. You can also download the PDF directly from the links in the right column.

Year Name Title PDF
2017 Mohapi, Lerato Jerfree A domain specific language for facilitating automatic parallelization and placement of SDR patterns into heterogeneous computing architectures PDF
2017 Algafsh, Abdullah Calibration of airborne L-, X-, and P-band fully polarimetric SAR systems using various corner reflectors PDF
2017 Agaba, Doreen Calibration of a SuperDARN Radar Antenna by means of a Satellite Beacon PDF
2015 Brandon Kyle Hamilton MURAC: A unified machine model for heterogeneous computers PDF
2015 Francois Maasdorp Doppler-only target tracking for a multistatic radar exploiting FM band illuminators of opportunity PDF
2015 Gabriel Lellouch Waveform Design and Processing Techniques in OFDM Radar PDF
2015 Richard Focke Investigating the Use of Interval Algebra to Schedule Mechanically Steered Multistatic Radars PDF
2014 Jason Manley Automated Design of Radio Astronomical Signal Processing Hardware PDF
2014 Craig Tong A Scalable Real-time Processing Chain for Radar Exploiting Illuminators of Opportunity PDF
2014 Janet Ruth Wyngaard Fine Grained Parallel Processing System PDF
2013 Roaldje Nadjiasngar On improving the performance of the Gauss-Newton filter PDF
2013 Jeanine Engelbrecht Parameters affecting interferometric coherence and implications for long-term operational monitoring of mining-induced surface deformation PDF
2012 Andrew van der Byl A Parallel Processing Framework for Spectral Based Computations PDF
2010 Simon L. Winberg An Embedded System Artefact Organisation and Adaptation Knowledge Management System for Embedded System Product Prototyping PDF
2009 Yunus Abdul Gaffar Ground based ISAR imaging of sea vessels with 3-D rotational motion: Selection of imaging intervals for cooperative and non-cooperative vessels PDF
2008 Marc Brooker The Design and Implementation of a Simulator for Multistatic Radar Systems PDF
2005 Graham Brooker Long-range imaging radar for autonomous navigation (Sydney University, Australia – co-supervised) (No PDF available)  
2005 K.P. Mukhopadhyay Three-dimensional Borehole Radar Imaging PDF
2002 Alan Langman The Design of Signal Processing and Hardware for a Stepped Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar PDF
2000 Richard T. Lord Aspects of Low Frequency SAR Processing PDF
1999 Jasper M. Horrell Range Doppler Synthetic Aperture Processing at VHF Frequencies PDF


MEng Dissertations

Clicking on the title of the dissertation will take you to the abstract of the dissertation. From there you can also download a PDF of the document. You can also download the PDF directly from the relevant hyperlink. And, where available, you can read an interview with the student, as part of our ‘Meet our Alumni‘ series.


Year Name Title PDF
2014 Umur Kathree Investigating the use of hopped frequency waveforms for range and velocity measurements of radar targets PDF
2014 Aadil Valli Essop Electronic Attack of a Dual Band Radar (read Interview) PDF
2014 Alan J. Jones Implementation of a Pulsed Radar System on Open Source Software and Hardware (read Interview) PDF
2014 Richard F. van Schalkwyk Scattering Centre Extraction in High Resolution Radar Imaging (read Interview) PDF
2013 Saad I. Alhuwaimel Study of Radar Signal Attenuation in Dust Storms (read Interview) PDF
2012 Stephen Middleton Target tracking in the Range-Doppler space (read Interview) PDF
2012 J. Jurgen Strydom Generic Ground Clutter Simulation for Radar Testing and Evaluation (read Interview) PDF
2012 Vanessa Janse van Rensburg High Range Resolution Profile Alignment (read Interview) PDF


MSc Dissertations

Clicking on the title of the dissertation will take you to the abstract of the dissertation. From there you can also download a PDF of the document. You can also download the PDF directly from the links in the right column.


Year Name Title PDF
2017 Gouveia, Dominique Design and implementation of L and X-band filters for the NeXtRAD front end PDF
2017 Boleme, Mpati Development and testing of the RHINO host streamed data acquisition framework PDF
2016 Salie, Sulayman Site specific radar coverage and land clutter modelling PDF
2016 New, Wesley Python based FPGA design-flow PDF
2016 Paine, Stephen Thomas Design and implementation of a dual polarised L-band parabolic dish antenna for NeXtRAD PDF
2016 Jonkers, Stephanie Cavale Software Infrastructure for NeXtRAD Development in Julia Programming Language PDF
2016 Du Plessis, Dane Integration and testing of a digital transceiver for a dual frequency, pulse-doppler radar PDF
2016 Cheng, Po-Kai NeXtRAD antenna design: X-Band dual polarised conical horn antenna PDF
2016 Bachoo, Asheer Unsupervised maritime target detection PDF
2016 Bauermeister, Etienne F On particle filters in radar target tracking PDF
2016 Tchekashkin, Ivan Design and implementation of a low-cost FMCW imaging radar PDF
2015 Algafsh, Abdullah Calibration of airborne L-, X-, and P-band fully polarimetric SAR systems using various corner reflectors PDF
2016 Tshililo, Israel R Galaxy evolution, cosmology and HPC : clustering studies applied to astronomy PDF
2015 Tsoeunyane, Lekhobola Joachim RHINO software-defined radio processing blocks PDF
2015 Abdullah Algafsh A comprehensive literature review of SAR polarimetric calibration for Waseda SAR Sensor PDF
2015 Mahmud M. Amin Influence of lightning on electron density variation in the ionosphere using WWLLN lightning data and GPS data PDF
2014 Cawood, Matthew Roy HI Lightcones for LADUMA using Gadget-3 : performance profiling and application of an HPC code PDF
2014 Valerie Edith Chiriseri RHINO ARM Cluster Control Management System PDF
2014 Ojonav Hazarika White RHINO: A Low-Cost Communications Radar Hardware Platform  
2013 Josiah C. Jideani Synthetic aperture sonar imaging using compressive sensing and an ultrasound transducer array PDF
2013 Justin Kuruvilla Abraham Study of the TR Synchronization and Video Conversion Unit (read interview) PDF
2013 Lanche Linden Grootboom Using an Agilent E5071B Vector Network Analyzer and Rotating Platform PDF
2013 David Neil MacLeod ROACH accelerated BLAST PDF
2013 Shaun Katz RadiO Modelling Environment PDF
2013 Shanly Rajan Automated Gateware Discovery Using Open Firmware PDF
2013 Karthik B Rajeswaran Lossless compression of SKA data sets PDF
2013 Stacey Rutendo Rukezo Design of an L Band Radar Sensor PDF
2013 David Andrew Wright Guidance and Control of Sounding Rockets PDF
2012 Doreen Agaba Calibration of a SuperDARN Radar Antenna by means of a Satellite Beacon PDF
2012 Saleh Alsaif Design and Implementation of a Secondary Surveillance Radar/Identification Friend or Foe Transceiver Card PDF
2012 Lerato Mohapi An FPGA-based Digital Triggering System with Model-Integrated Configuration Environment for the Control of NIM Electronics PDF
2012 Monontši Paul Nthontho Smart Grid for Demand Side Management of Households by Integration of AMI and Solar PV Distributed Generators PDF
2012 Shuaib Omar Target Tracking using Multisensor Data Fusion for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Sense and Avoid System PDF
2012 Titus Oyedokun Sea Clutter Simulation PDF
2012 Bruce Raw The Design and Development of a Pulsed Radar Block for the Rhino Platform PDF
2011 Jean-Paul Costa da Conceicao Accelerating Gauss-Newton filters on FPGAs PDF
2011 Jingxu Han Study on the detection performance of MIMO radar systems PDF
2011 Gordon Inggs Putting the Pieces Together: The Systematic Development of a Software Defined Radio Toolflow for the Rhino Project PDF
2011 Mathew John Acceleration of parasitic multistatic radar system using GPGPU PDF
2011 Amir Patel UAV Collision Avoidance: A Specific Acceleration Matching Approach PDF
2011 Andrew James Paverd Enhanced Mobile Computing Using Cloud Resources (read Interview) PDF
2011 Simon Scott Rhino FPGA System for Software Defined Radio PDF
2011 Makhamisa Senekane Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable VMEbus Exerciser PDF
2011 Nicholas James Thorne Firmware and Gateware for the ACE1 Reconfigurable Accelerator Card PDF
2011 Joseph Nguya Wamicha Software Defined Radio OFDM Implementation, Mixed Signal Circuit Design and EBG Antenna Design PDF
2010 Anria Cilliers Helicopter Blade Parameter Extraction for Purposes of Radar Target Identification PDF
2010 Sebastiaan Heunis Passive Coherent Location Radar using Software-Defined Radio techniques PDF
2010 Roufurd Julie Gain Stability, Phase Stability And Dynamic Range Measurements Of Analogue Optical Links Used For Radio Astronomy PDF
2010 Joseph Milburn Co-processor Offloading Applied to Passive Coherent Location with Doppler and Bearing Data PDF
2010 Sharef Neemat Design and Implementation of a Digital Real-Time Secondary Surveillance Radar/Identification Friend or Foe Target Emulator PDF
2010 Arjun Radhakrishnan Accelerating Pulsar Dedispersion for MeerKAT on Graphics Processing Units PDF
2010 Jonathan M. Ward Design and Implementation of a Non-Contact Level Measurement Instrument PDF
2010 Andrew Woods Accelerating Software Radio Astronomy FX Correlation with GPU and FPGA Co-processors PDF
2009 Pei-Yu Chao Ultra-wideband phased array radar for short-range imaging applications PDF
2009 Georgie George Integration, Implementation and Testing of the X-Band SASAR II System PDF
2009 Gunther Lange Performance Prediction and Improvement of a Bistatic Passive Coherent Location Radar PDF
2009 Wayne Anthony Smith Commissioning a 400 Hz Rotary Inverter PDF
2008 Sydney Bobby Dunn A Study of the SA SKA RFI Measurement Systems PDF
2008 David George The Design and Implementation of a Carrier Card for the Karoo Array Telescope PDF
2008 Peter McMahon Adventures in Radio Astronomy Instrumentation and Signal Processing PDF
2008 Jason Salkinder Design of a Low-Cost High Speed Data Capture Card for the Hubble Sphere Hydrogen Survey PDF
2008 Aadil Volkwin Suitability of a Commercial Software Defined Radio System for Passive Coherent Location PDF
2008 Lance Patrick Williams Low Cost Radar and Sonar using Open Source Hardware and Software PDF
2008 Monica Wai-Man Wu Characterisation of a Dual Frequency Conversion Superheterodyne Receiver PDF
2007 Andile Mngadi L-band RFI Measurement System Simulation and Investigation PDF
2007 Shikoane Given Phaladi Using GPS bistatic signal for ocean and land remote sensing in South Africa PDF
2007 Kalen Watermeyer Design of a Hardware Platform for Narrow-band Software Defined Radio applications PDF
2006 Yu-Ming Alvin Chang A micropower ultra-wideband RADAR profiling system PDF
2006 Tai-Lin Greg Chen GPR Propagation Simulation and Fat Dipole Antenna Design PDF
2005 Shamiel Adams Time domain synthetic aperture radar image processing using fast factorised backprojection PDF
2005 Etienne F. Bauermeister Implementing a Ground Penetrating Radar User Interface in System-On-Chip Technology PDF
2005 Ching-Wei Wesley Chang Systems Level Investigation of Television Based Bistatic Radar PDF
2005 Sifiso B. Gambahaya Design and Implementation of the Pillbox Antenna for SASAR II PDF
2005 Andrew Martens A High Speed Data Acquisition System PDF
2004 Darren G. Coetzer Design and Implementation of a X-band Transmitter and Frequency Distribution Unit for a Synthetic Aperture Radar PDF
2004 Ajmal I. Mohungoo An Airborne X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar Receiver Design and Implementation PDF
2004 Alan N. Mountain Calibration System for the Tracking Accuracy Measurement System (TAMS) using differential GPS (dGPS) PDF
2004 Justin M. Webster The Development of a Radar Digital Unit for the SASAR II Project PDF
2004 Christian F. Zietsman Theory, Design and Implementation of an IF Cancellation Module for use in a Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave Ground Penetrating Radar PDF
2003 Thomas G.H. Bennett Development of a Parallel SAR Processor on a Beowulf Cluster PDF
2003 Michael K. Cope Design, Simulation, and Implementation of a Digital Quadrature Demodulator for a Stepped Frequency Radar PDF
2003 Tinashe Gwena Gollach – Configuration of a Cluster Based Linux Virtual Server PDF
2003 Stephen K. Modise Development of a Real Time Radar Acquisition System PDF
2003 Teboho N. Nyareli Development of a Cable Odometer with a Network Interface PDF
2003 Daniel J. Tanser Simulation of a Slope Stability Radar for Opencast Mining PDF
2002 Adam R. Isaacson A 500 kHz to 5 MHz Stepped Frequency Borehole Tomographic Imaging System PDF
2002 Clifford L. van Dyk The Design and Implementation of a Wideband Digital Radio Receiver PDF
2002 Carl F. van Schaik The Development of a Node for a Hardware Reconfigurable Parallel Processor PDF
2001 Amit Ashok Implementation and Analysis of a Bayesian Approach to Topographic Reconstruction with Multiple Antenna Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry PDF
2001 Oladipo O. Fadiran Design and Implementation of a Parallel Registration Algorithm for SAR Images PDF
2001 Allen B. Wallis The Design and Implementation of a Distributed Data Capture and Processing Framework for Ground Penetrating Radar PDF
2001 Lisa S. Wray Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Simulator for Interferometry PDF
2000 Gavin Doyle Three Applications of Satellite Borne Repeat Pass SAR Interferometry in Southern Africa PDF
1999 Gordon Farquharson Design and Implementation of a 200 to 1600 MHz, Stepped Frequency, Ground Penetrating Radar Transceiver PDF
1999 Yann Tremeac Top-Down Design of DSP Systems: A Case Study PDF
1998 Grant R. Carter System Level Simulation of Digital Designs: A Case Study PDF
1998 Rolf Lengenfelder The Design and Implementation of a Radar Simulator PDF
1998 Hyram Serretta Investigation of Ship Target Recognition using Neural Networks in Conjunction with the Fourier Mellin Transform  
1997 Paul J. Archer A Transputer Based Implementation of a Quick Look Processor for an Airborne SAR System PDF
1997 Peter J. Golda Software Simulation of a Synthetic Aperture Radar  
1997 Shirley L. Coetzee (nee Wuyts) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Processing using Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)  
1996 I. Gernot Hassenpflug Literature Review of Interferometric SAR PDF
1996 Anthony Robinson Ship Target Recognition PDF
1995 Norman Ballard Electrode Length Measurement in Electric Arc Furnaces PDF
1995 Mark Gebhardt Speckle Reduction in SAR Imagery  
1995 Marten Kabutz Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment Design PDF
1995 Thomas W. Kusel On the Waveform Fidelity of Broadband Digital Storage Architectures PDF
1994 Leon Alexander The Planning of a South African Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Measuring Campaign PDF
1994 Caireen E. Alston Standardising Modules for Tactical Command and Control Man-Machine Interfaces PDF
1994 Rebecca Eatock A Spatially Variable Fertilizer Applicator System PDF
1994 Richard M. Fullalove Failsafe Display System  
1993 Adrian W.D. Jongens Application of Cepstrum Techniques to in-situ Sound Absorption Measurements PDF
1992 Mario del Mistro A Study of Bistatic Radar and the Development of an Independent Bistatic Radar Receiver PDF
1991 S. Welsh Implementation of a Spaceborne SAR Processor Software  
1991 P.J. Kritzinger A Spaceborne SAR Processor Design  
1991 J.J. Bras Simulation of Angle Accuracy in Pulsed Surveillance Radars PDF
1991 K.P. van der Riet Test System for Shipboard Antennas  
1990 C.P. van der Linden TMS320 C 25 Signal Processor Design for a Monopulse Radar PDF