Call for Papers : RADAR 2019

14 Jun 2018 - 08:15

Radar 2019RADAR2019 is a conference organised in the frame of the international relations set up between the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET); the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE); the Institution of Engineers Australia (IEAust) and the SEE. The conference will focus on new research and developments in the field of radar techniques covering:

  • Radar systems
  • Radar environment and phenomenology
  • Remote sensing from airborne or space-borne systems
  • Computer modelling; simulation and validation
  • Automatic classification
  • Radar Management techniques
  • Waveform design; beamforming and signal processing
  • Emerging Radar Applications
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to radars
  • Connected/Autonomous Radars

The conference will take place at Toulon Neptune Palais. Located on the French Riviera; Toulon is an important center for naval construction and aeronautical equipment; hosting the major Navy French harbour on Mediterranean coast; also home of the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle.

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Prospective authors must electronically submit a paper summary (3-4 pages; including figures) by January 15; 2019. If accepted; final papers must be no more than 6 pages and will be submitted electronically. The conference will offer a student paper contest.