MariSAR 2015


The ocean has traditionally been a challenging place to monitor by means of multispectral satellites. Vast areas can be effectively “empty”, cloud cover can limit regular coverage, and images with a resolution high enough to see ocean vessels have extremely small footprints.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites, however, can cover large areas, see through cloud layers, and detect vessels and ocean structures in a variety of conditions.

The MariSAR Conference 2015 aims to bring together researchers from across the international community to discuss SAR imagery and its maritime applications. Presentations will cover both techniques and applications, with the goal of coalescing and advancing the most up-to-date research being performed with SAR satellites.

The daily programme and the abstracts of the various presentations are available via the relevant links (see also the menu in the sidebar).


1. The Video Recordings of most of the lectures are now available via the Programme and the Abstracts pages, where indicated.

2. The Programme page has been updated, and now contains the Abstracts, as well as links to the Video Recordings.

3. The photographs taken during the conference are now available too: Photographs.

Location: University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa
Venue: Lecture Theatre 9, Level 3, Menzies Building, Upper Campus (download Directions to Venue)
Dates: Wednesday, 14 January 2015 – Friday, 16 January 2015
Format: Abstract only, no proceedings.
On-site conference and parallel webcast.
Registration – Attendees: To register as an attendee (in person or via the internet), please complete the following registration form: MariSAR 2015: Registration – Attendee
Conference Dinner: The special Conference Dinner will take place in the Smuts Dining Hall on UCT’s upper campus at 18:00 on Thursday 15 January 2015.

NB: Parking

Parking Area P17 (at the south end of Upper Campus, just off Ring Road aka Madiba Circle) has been allocated to delegates for the duration of the conference. Please advise whether you are bringing a car onto Upper Campus. Parking vouchers will be issued to delegates when they arrive at P17 on Wednesday morning, the first day of the conference.

You do not need to sign in at the Visitors’ Information Centre, at the northern entrance to Upper Campus.

Directions to the Parking Area P17 and the Conference Venue LT9 can be downloaded here.