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You can contact the following establishments for accommodation:

Alternatively, search via http://www.booking.com or www.capestay.co.za.

University of Cape Town

The maps below can be used in conjunction with the building, department and office list. It lists buildings, departments and offices on campus with their map co-ordinates.

Middle and Lower Campusesview full size

Google map: Upper Campus, Middle Campus, Lower Campus

Health Sciences Campusview full size

Health Sciences Campus

Google map: Health Sciences Campus

Groote Schuur Campusview full size

Groote Schuur Campus

Google map: Groote Schuur Campus

Hiddingh Campusview full size

Hiddingh Campus

Google map: Hiddingh Campus

Breakwater Campusview full size

Breakwater Campus

Google map: Breakwater Campus

Residence mapview full size

Jammie Shuttle mapview full size