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Hugh Roarty

Hugh RoartyDr Hugh Roarty is a Research Project Manager with the Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory (COOL), Rutgers University in New Brunswick, USA.

His research interests focus on improving the remote sensing and in situ instrumentation used to measure the physical and biological aspects of the ocean. This instrumentation includes High Frequency radar systems, autonomous under water vehicles (AUVs), acoustic velocity meters.

High Frequency (HF) radar systems are able to measure ocean surface currents and wave parameters. Some applications of these measurements are to mitigate oil spills, predict rip current formation, aid in Coast Guard search and rescue exercises, study river discharge plumes and predict coastal inundation during storm events.

He is also interested in exploring the dual use capability of the HF radar for environmental monitoring and target detection. His graduate research focused on coastal processes and bottom boundary layer dynamics. Dr Roarty holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University and a PhD in Ocean Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.