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Course Introduction

We realise that many working engineers wish to upgrade their skills, but cannot afford to take long periods of time off from work to do this. Further, we realise that there are newly graduated engineers who need to raise their qualification levels and become more attractive in the job market. This Radar Masters programme has been designed to accommodate these requirements.

Each course will typically contain a lecture component of 5 full days, followed by weekly seminars, tasks and a written examination, over a five-week period after the first, intensive lecture session. You can access a list of Current Courses here.

The programme is designed to support students who cannot be resident in Cape Town for the full duration to complete all the courses, by using distance learning techniques during the follow-up period after each course (i.e., after the one-week intensive lecture period). All students will, however, have to be present in Cape Town for the one-week lecture period for each course.

Elements of continuous assessment (problem sets, short projects) and a written examination are utilised to assess participants in each course.

The single week, where you have personal contact in a small class setting with some of the world’s leading academics and experts in industry, is important to enhance your confidence in the ensuing weeks of coursework, which are carried out via VOIP and similar technology. You are also supported by a full-time Teaching Assistant, linked to you via the UCT Vula Teaching Support system, offering chatrooms, blogs, etc. Lectures are recorded, as are the tutorials, and made available to you via Vula.

Our radar programme is underpinned by an active research group, the Radar Remote Sensing Group (RRSG). On that website, you will also find information about the current research projects of the RRSG. During your own studies, you may well have a project assigned that is part of your present job, but there are plenty of interesting opportunities in the RRSG too.

The details of the various degree options available within the Radar Masters at UCT can be found here, including the option to upgrade the degree to a PhD. The coursework is an excellent foundation for advanced research.