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Past Courses

Past Courses

The UCT Radar Masters has provided several diverse courses in the past, taught by talented lecturers, both local and abroad. The following list is a summary of previous courses:

  1. Introduction to Radar Systems
  2. Advanced Mathematics for Radar
  3. Radar Signal Processing
  4. Microwave Components and Antennas
  5. Microwave Filters
  6. Electronic Defence
  7. FPGA Development
  8. Tracking Filters
  9. High Resolution and Imaging Radar
  10. Radar Systems Modelling
  11. High Frequency and Surface Wave Radar
  12. Clutter and Detection in Clutter
  13. MIMO Radar Systems
  14. Multi-target and Multi-sensor tracking and Data Fusion


You can learn more about the past courses presented within the Masters in Radar Programme by clicking on the following links: