Upcoming course: Clutter and Detection in Clutter (2015)

23 Jun 2015 - 15:45

We are very fortunate to have two visiting experts in their field presenting the seventh course of our Radar Masters programme at the University of Cape Town from 29 June to 03 July 2015.

Prof Maria Greco and Prof Fulvio Gini (click on their names to read their biographies) from the University of Pisa in Italy will be teaching on Clutter and Detection in Clutter (click on the title to read more about the course, or download the PDF of the course handout).

The lectures are taking place in the Seminar Room on the 6th floor of the Menzies Building, Upper Campus.

Download CPD – RED Brochure 2015

Download Course Handout: Clutter & Detection in Clutter 2015

The course is organized in three parts, which mainly cover aspects related to radar clutter modelling and analysis, optimum and adaptive radar detection of targets embedded in correlated Gaussian clutter and in heavy-tailed non-Gaussian clutter.

Having successfully completed this course, students should:

  • understand the coherent radar array data model and its statistical analysis;
  • understand the optimal and adaptive coherent detection of radar targets problem;
  • know the techniques and algorithms that are currently used and choose which ones are the most suitable for a given scenario;
  • understand the significance of disturbance modelling and analysis in a radar system;
  • be able to analyze real clutter data;
  • be able to generate synthetic data for radar system performance simulation
  • be able to implement algorithms for radar target detection
  • be able to analyze radar detection algorithm performance by the Monte Carlo method;
  • be able to understand how the target signal model affects the structure of the detectors and its performance.

For more information on all the courses being offered in the Radar Masters programme this year, visit this link.

You can also register for this course as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) student (download CPD – RED Brochure 2015).