UCT Conference Travel Grants

26 Feb 2016 - 12:45

The opportunity to present at a conference can be a beneficial learning and networking experience for students’ postgraduate work and for establishing a future career.

The University of Cape Town provides funds, which can be applied for to support publication and presentation of a peer reviewed conference paper at a good quality local or international conference. The closing date this semester is 9 March 2016.

These funds are usually sufficient to support a local conference in SA or a neighboring country (e.g. Namibia); but they are usually not sufficient to fully cover an international conference, so alternative or additional funds would need to be obtained to make it feasible to attend an international conference.

While there are some good reasons for attending a conference, it is not essential; indeed, in the case of quality peer-reviewed publications, which would really impress the examiner of your dissertation or thesis, it is generally more desirable to achieve a publication in an accredited academic journal, e.g. one of the IEEE transactions series. These are generally more difficult to get into than is the case for a conference, and UCT also provides support for publication fees in that regard.

More information about the Postgraduate Funding Office’s travel awards notice can be found here: http://www.uct.ac.za/apply/funding/postgraduate/awards/travel/.

You can also download the Conference Travel Application Form.

There are two rounds of applications, with the following closing dates:

  • The first closing date is 9 March 2016 – for students applying to travel between April and September 2016;
  • The 2nd and final closing date is 31 August 2016 – for students wishing to travel between October 2016 and March 2017.

The Selection Committee meets in March and September.

(Article by Dr Simon Winberg).