Tutorial session on microwave array beamforming at Array 2016

11 Jul 2016 - 12:45

According to the Array 2016 Blog, the blog for the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology, there will be a special tutorial session on “Microwave Array Beamforming: Analog, Digital, and Photonic” at the Symposium in Waltham MA during October 2016.

“This tutorial covers the fundamentals of microwave phased array beamforming with analog, digital, and photonic implementations.

The course will first review the basics of phased arrays, including electronic beam steering and control, error effects and calibration, pattern synthesis, and wide bandwidth implementations.

Analog beamforming techniques such as corporate feed networks and multiple beam lens-based approaches will be described.

Digital beamforming (DBF) array techniques will then be described in detail. DBF arrays digitize the received signals at the element level, thus preserving the total information available at the aperture, and then process these signals in the digital domain to form the desired beams. The course will review basic DBF system requirements and highlight several practical applications which are difficult or impossible to perform in the analog domain.

Photonics applications for phased arrays will be discussed, including an overview of the current state of the art. Specific applications such as wideband, high dynamic range signal remoting and wideband true time delay beamforming will be highlighted.

Finally, a set of array beamforming design examples will be shown which emphasize the tradeoffs that exist between the analog, digital, and photonic beamforming alternatives.”

You can find out more here.