The RRSG is featured on CapeTalk Radio!

30 Apr 2016 - 15:15

Daniel O’Hagan of the UCT Radar Group hosted Kieno Kammies and his Cape Talk research and production team at UCT in February this year.

Kieno and his team were given a presentation on passive radar and its accessibility, even to the hobbyist. In addition, the team received a demonstration on the gadgetry that can open up the world of electronics to the amateur. Tools such as LittleBits have been described as “Electronic Lego” and are a great means of discovery through the use of electronic devices.

With all the bad news in the media around higher education, it was a great to have a positive report. The visit exposed the work of the group to the public and got people talking about radar.

Click the link below for an online radio interview with Assoc Prof Daniel O’Hagan:

(This article also appeared in the latest EBE Faculty Newsletter of April 2016.)