Provisional Tutorial Schedule for the 2015 IEEE Radar Conference

15 Jul 2015 - 14:30

The first International South African Radar Conference – the 2015 IEEE Radar Conference – will be taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 27 to 30 October 2015. Bringing together colleagues from all over the world, and all corners of the radar enterprise, to share, learn, and foster our global community, the theme of this conference is “Out of Africa – always something new”.

Tutorial Programme

In addition to the Conference, a special Tutorial Programme has been arranged.

This is aimed at new researchers, postgraduate researchers and to anyone with a desire to broaden one’s knowledge about a number of cutting edge developments in the domain of radar. The registration deadline for the tutorial attendance is 15th September. (This will allow the organising committee to cancel some tutorials where potential registrations have been low.)

Provisional Schedule

The provisional tutorial schedule has now been posted on the official website:

  1. Compressed Sensing – Prof. Anamitra Makur (Nanyang Technological University in Singapore)
  2. Gauss-Newton Filters – Dr Norman Morrison (University of Cape Town)
  3. Foliage Penetration Radar: Phenomenology, Design and Technology – Dr. Mark Davis
  4. Designing a Radar Imaging Satellite: Pitfalls and Trade-offs – Bryan Dean (System Engineer at Space Advisory Company) and Duncan Stanton (Engineering Manager at Space Advisory Company)
  5. Radar Sea Clutter: Modelling and Applications – Prof Simon Watts (Thales UK, and Visiting Professor at University College London) and Dr. Luke Rosenberg (Defence Science and Technology Organisation in Australia)
  6. Distributed Aperture Radar and Radio Frequency (RF) Tomography – Prof. Michael Wicks and Prof Yazar Guzel (both from the University of Dayton, Ohio)
  7. Practical Adaptive Processing for OTHR and Emerging Applications – Dr. Giuseppe Fabrizio (Defence Science & Technology Organisation in Australia)
  8. Practical Radar Cross Section Modelling for Radar and EW Applications – Mr. Johan Smit (CSIR)
  9. Principles of Ultrawideband-Throb Radar – Prof. Malek G.M. Hussain (Kuwait University)
  10. Multistatic Radar and Doppler-only Tracking – Assoc. Prof. Daniel O’Hagan and Mr. Francois Maasdorp (University of Cape Town)
  11. Non-Cooperative Target Recognition using radar: Dream, Theory and Practice – Mr. Willie Nel and Mr. Jacques Cilliers (CSIR)
  12. Waveform diversity and spectrum engineering – Prof Hugh D Griffiths (University College London)

This conference promises to be an event not to be missed!

Registrations opened on 13 July 2015!

Keep an eye on their Website and their new Facebook page.