Open Day 2015: Gallery

24 Apr 2015 - 11:45

On Saturday, 18 April 2015, the Department of Electrical Engineering, with the rest of the Faculty of the Engineering and Built Environment, hosted their annual Open Day for high schools on Level 3 in the Menzies Building.

This event is generally frequented by school pupils in grades 11 or 12, although individual students (who are not part of a school tour), accompanied by a parent or guardian, also attend. Open Day is an opportunity for potential applicants to get a better idea of the type of work that graduates from the degree programmes are prepared for and likely to be involved with.

Visitors used this occasion to ask specific questions of students in the various engineering departments about the degrees available and the types of courses offered, as well as more general questions, such as:

What it is like to be a student at UCT? What is Electrical and Computer Engineering? What are the entrance requirements? Do I have to have an A for math? How difficult are the courses? What is it like working in the computer engineering industry? Where is there work for computer engineers? How do I apply?

The Radar Remote Sensing Group (RRSG) as well as the other research groups in the engineering department created some interesting exhibits, in the form of running videos, live equipment demos, prototyped systems, interesting simulations, as well as colourful posters about ongoing projects. Postgraduate students and some of the academic staff who teach the courses and run research projects were available to respond to questions and advice concerning the various degree programmes offered by the department.

The annual Open Day event is a wonderful opportunity to get a feel for the range of courses and programmes of study available and the opportunities that exist for acquiring the knowledge and developing the skills that will stand graduates in good stead in the workplace after completion of their studies. Nonetheless, the decision of what to study should not be based solely on attending Open Days at the university – it should be a well-informed decision.

School students should do some of their own reading and exploration of what careers are out there and which would best suit their interests and expertise. Guidance counselors and books on careers should be consulted in addition to visiting libraries and conducting web searches in order to get an impression of the different disciplines. Choosing what degree to study should thus be an informed decision, as it will have a big influence on the student’s future.

Enjoy the slideshow below.

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