Clutter and Detection in Clutter: Class photograph 2015

15 Jun 2015 - 14:30

From 29 June to 03 July 2015, we were very lucky to be visited by two Italian professors, Prof Maria Greco and Prof Fulvio Gini, both from the University of Pisa.

We thank them for being willing to make the long trip to South Africa and hope that they had a wonderful time down here. Their students certainly enjoyed the course and benefited from the opportunity to engage with two very respected lecturers in their fields.

The course, titled Clutter and Detection in Clutter, was organized in three parts, covering aspects related to radar clutter modelling and analysis, and the optimum and adaptive radar detection of targets embedded in correlated Gaussian clutter and in heavy-tailed non-Gaussian clutter.

For more information, you can download the course handout here.


Prof Daniel O’Hagan welcomes our visitors from the University of Pisa

Their course is titled ‘Coherent Radar Detection in Clutter’

Prof Gini shows some photos of the very first course he presented in 2011 as part of the newly instituted Radar Masters