Call for Papers: IEEE Radar Conference 2017

30 May 2016 - 15:15

Back to the USA West Coast & Forward to the Future:

For 2017, the IEEE Radar Conference returns west after eight years and arrives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the first time. The conference timing coincides with the centennial anniversary of incorporation of Boeing; our theme, “Building on a Century of Innovation,” unites the past and future. Looking back, we highlight seminal radar developments including the co-invention of Pulse Doppler Radar, advances in civil aviation, and the world’s first digitally-processed Synthetic Aperture Radar image from space. Looking forward, we envision an exciting week of exploring the latest developments in research, development and deployment of radar systems for applications from local indoor monitoring to spaceborne remote sensing.

The Venue:

The recently-updated Westin Seattle Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Seattle, is an ideal venue for the conference. In addition to providing the formal conference areas and functions, ample space ensures opportunities for the camaraderie amongst attendees that is a hallmark of this conference. For convenience, the hotel has light-rail service to the airport and is a short walk to sites of interest such as the waterfront, Pioneer Square and Pike Place.

The Opportunity:

We encourage and welcome interested authors to propose original papers describing significant developments in radar technologies, systems, applications and techniques. Several special sessions are planned for several topics, including:

  • Cognitive Radar;
  • Shared Spectrum Systems;
  • Multistatic Sensors;
  • New and Emerging Target & Clutter Types (including drone detection, wind farm mitigation);
  • Radar for Indoor Monitoring Applications;
  • Automotive Radar;
  • Air Traffic Control & Weather Radar with Active Array Technology;
  • Spaceborne SAR Systems and Missions; and
  • Frequency Diverse Array Radar.

Key Dates:

  • 01 Aug 2016: Website open for Paper Summaries
  • 14 Oct 2016: Paper Summaries due
  • 29 Jan 2017: Notification of Acceptance
  • 10 Mar 2017: Paper Submission due

Additional topics of interest include:

  • Radar Signal & Data Processing, including STAP, MIMO, compressive sensing, SAR / ISAR processing, digital beamforming, array processing, superresolution techniques, detection and false alarm enhancement, waveform diversity, multipath exploitation, target tracking and fusion;
  • Radar Phenomenology, including target and clutter estimation and modeling, propagation and scattering phenomenology, foliage and ground penetration, exploitation of multipath;
  • Radar Systems, including innovative designs / missions for airborne, spaceborne & shipborne radar, imaging radar, multistatic / passive radar, air traffic radar, automotive radar, multifunction radar, sense & avoid radar for UAVs, weather radar;
  • Antenna Technology, including conformal arrays, design for low sidelobe level, ultrawideband, multi-polarization, & multiple beams;
    Emerging Radar Technologies, including co-operative radar systems (scheduling, networking, fusion), cognitive radar, polarimetric radar, passive radar, ultrawideband radar including foliage and ground penetrating radar;
  • Subsystems and Components, including novel & advanced processing architectures, Software Defined Radar, advanced signal processing materials (e.g. SiC, GaN MMICs), T/R modules, advanced receiver designs.

The Paper Submission Process:

Prospective authors are required to submit a 3-4 page summary (including supporting figures) describing their proposed paper. The cover page must identify the title, names of the authors (including which of the authors is the author to be contacted), organizational affiliation address, and contact information (telephone & fax numbers, e-mail addresses). Students are especially encouraged to submit papers. The summaries must be electronically submitted in IEEE sanctioned Adobe PDF format at the website.

For More Information:

  • Sponsors or General Inquiries, please contact Dan Sego at
  • For Technical Program questions contact Martie Goulding at
  • Exhibitors direct your inquiries to John Mower at
  • Or visit our website.