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Advanced Mathematics

EEE5108Z – Advanced Mathematics

Presented By: Pieter Uys


Monday 3rd – Friday 7th June 2019

Time: 08h30 – 17h00

Exam TBA


Course Information


This course provides a useful mathematical toolkit for the Radar and Electronic Defence Engineer. Emphasis is on practical calculation and useful ‘tricks of the trade’ rather than mathematical rigour. The textbook, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, E. Kreyszig (Wiley) (with many editions available but edition 9 preferred) is prescribed. Some notes are also made available to assist the student.

Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand calculus, linear algebra, special functions and at a level that enables them to access and make use of the radar research literature;
  • Carry through detailed calculations based on this material;
  • Be able to identify mathematical techniques most appropriate to the analysis of a particular application.

Course Overview

Specific course topics include (estimated number of lectures and acronyms shown in brackets):

  • Ordinary differential equations (7) (ODE)
  • Laplace transforms (3) (LT)
  • Fourier analysis (3) (FA)
  • Partial differential equations (2) (PDE)
  • Complex analysis (8) (CA)


Pieter Uys